About Gaziantep



About Gaziantep

Gaziantep is the city in southeastern Anatolia and it is the sixth largest city in Turkey. Its population, economical situation, tourism potential, and Greater Municipality make the city metropolitan.

It connects Southeast Anatolia to the West with highways and railways at it is the center of them and as its airport has become international, the flow of goods, services and visitors has increased. 1/4 of its land area consists of fertile areas, and some part of which have been irrigated by the Euphrates River. In these area of Gaziantep industries whose economical value is very high include pistachio nuts, olives, cooton, grapes, red peppers, flax, lentils, and cereal grains like wheat and barley.

gaziantep-zeugmaGaziantep is the gateway of GAP geograpically, and with its industry, the trade volume has helped to develop GAP. Economically it effects 18 other cities.

Gaziantep is one of the oldest centers that reflects the culture of human societies. Its history goes back to 4000 B. C.

Gaziantep is a war-veteran cith in which you can relive the past and the present through its historical, touristic and natural beauties, memories of the Independence War and Antep Defence, high plateaus, plains, ruins delicious meals, unique handicrafts, mosques, tombs, Muslim Theological Schools, Antep Houses, Turkish Baths, and Caravansaray.

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