Old Antep Houses



Old Gaziantep houses have a unique and distinctive layout and are traditionally built from soft calcareous rock known locally as ‘havara’, ‘keymıh’ or ‘keymik’. Found in the older neighborhoods of the city, the houses are usually one or two stories tall, although some three-story structures can be seen.

 The houses have thick walls with cellars carved into the rock floor. These cellars have special sections for storing provisions such as molasses and olive oil. Passing through the large main entrance, you enter the ‘hayat’, an area enclosing a large garden as well as a number of rooms serving a variety of functions.

The windows of Gaziantep houses open not onto the street but onto this inner courtyard. Above each window is a small aperture called a ‘kuş tağası’ that lets air and light into the house. Traditional Gaziantep houses can still be found in the city center and the neighborhoods of Eyüboğlu, Türktepe, Tepebaşı, Bostancı, Kozluca, Şehreküstü and Kale. 


Old Gaziantep houses feature bread ovens known as ‘ocaklık’. The ovens were located in the part of the courtyard that caught the first rays of the sun. Every morning, the dough was prepared and placed in the ‘ocaklık’ to bake, providing the household with fresh, daily bread.

Gaziantep Bride Room


Bride’s room

The bride’s room is traditionally located off the main corridor. Bedspreads, a mattress and pillows brought from the bride’s family house would be placed in the room, as well as other items from her trousseau.


Water fountains are usually located in the ‘sofa’ or hall and feature detailed stonework and painted ornamentation. On hot summer days, the household would sit in the ‘sofa’ and enjoy the cool air from the courtyard.

courtyardHayat   (courtyard)

This large courtyard opens on to the street. The windows of the surrounding rooms look over on the courtyard. Trees and flowers are planted around the perimeter of the courtyard. Some houses have a small pool in the middle of the ‘hayat’.


Frm :  Guneydoğu mirası

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