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Gaziantep 2013

Gaziantep   2013   

Old Antep Houses


Old Gaziantep houses have a unique and distinctive layout and are traditionally built from soft calcareous rock known locally as ‘havara’, ‘keymıh’ or ‘keymik’. Found in the older neighborhoods of the city, the houses are usually one or two stories tall, although some three-story structures can be seen.



  * INDUSTRY OF GAZIANTEP * General information: Gaziantep plays an important role in the Turkish economy with its industrial and commercial infrastructure; the city acts as a bridge between important regions due to its geographical location in a commercial center. The number of large industry businesses established in Gaziantep comprise four percent of the […]

Pearl of the east Gaziantep


Gaziantep has recently become aware of its tourism potential. Its target is to host 1 million tourists a year. Besides Gaziantep’s ancient city of Zeugma, the rest of the province is abundant with flour, butter and sugar – all one needs to whip up a delicous plate of Turkish Halva.

About Gaziantep


  About Gaziantep Gaziantep is the city in southeastern Anatolia and it is the sixth largest city in Turkey. Its population, economical situation, tourism potential, and Greater Municipality make the city metropolitan. It connects Southeast Anatolia to the West with highways and railways at it is the center of them and as its airport has […]